Windows Dhcp Server No Dhcp Option 119 Available

While trying to configure a new DHCP scope in Windows Server 2016 I noticed that there is no DHCP Option 119 available. But adding it on your own just takes a few simple steps.

Logon to your DHCP server, open the DHCP Console. Right click IPv4 and select “Set Predefined Options…”.

Windows Dhcp Server Set Predefined Options

In the “Predefined Options and Values” dialog select “Add…”. In the “Option Type” dialog add the following:

Windows Dhcp Server Add Predefined Option

Name: Domain Search List
Data type: Byte, Array checked
Code: 119
Description Domain Suffix Search Order

After applying the settings you should see the option 119 in the server and scope options:

Windows Dhcp Server Dhcp Option 119 Available