This is just a quick review of a forum post at Microsoft System Center Forums because of a question that a reader of my website had (see the comments).

The initial problem was as following:

I’m using an english win7 ent wim with german language pack intergrated. Everytime i install a client the language choice dialog pops up (after the first reboot). I tried to use an xml answer file that did change the language of setup and of the client itself. But the dialog keeps popping up…

The solution to the problem was to use a local source path for the unattend package instead of a unc path.
When choosing to use a unattended answer file you specify it by a software package in the task sequence (fig. 1). The software package itself has a source path that is specified on the Data Source tab in the properties of that software package (fig. 2). What I did wrong was to choose a unc path as source. After switching to a local path everything worked fine (fig. 3).