What to do with ‘suspect’ tapes in MS DPM 2007 and 2010?

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 in Data Protection Manager | 4 comments

Sometimes it happens that Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007, 2010 and 2012 mark a tape as ‘suspect’. Normally this should happen when 2 different tapes have the same barcode… If you do know that there are not 2 identically labeled tapes in your library then you can run the following from an elevated command shell on your DPM server:

DPM 2012:

osql -E -S localhost\MSDPM2012 -d DPMDB -Q "UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0"

DPM 2010:

osql -E -S localhost\MSDPM2010 -d DPMDB -Q "UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0"

DPM 2007:

osql -E -S localhost\MS$DPM2007$ -d DPMDB -Q "UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0"

After that rescan/refresh your library information in your DPM console and your tape should no longer be labeled as suspect. Sometimes you’ll need to remove the tape from your library and insert it again or move it to the drive and back again.


  1. Thanks for share, it help me sovle suspect tapes issue after I stick barcode on tape which contain backuped data.

  2. It works fine for DPM 2012. Thanks

  3. Thank You very much about those litle script sollutions for suspect tapes! All I could find, till I found your blog, was solutions for 2007 and 2010, and I didn’t wanted to try executing those scripts without knowing, will it work or not! Thank You very much, again!

  4. Actually it didn’t work for me initially as our DPM 2012 didnt have an instance name, it was just the default instance.
    So when i removed the instance name it worked
    osql -E -S localhost -d DPMDB -Q “UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0”

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