Ryan Conrad said:

We recently completed our most recent MCM Directory rotation where we had 23 participants. The largest in several years!

Please congratulate the following individuals who have successfully completed all of the required exams during the rotation:
• Sean Metcalf – Metcorp Consulting
• Adrian Corona Temores – Microsoft
• Allen Ho – Microsoft
• Dorin Minghiris – Microsoft
• David Gregory – Microsoft
• Eric Hall – Microsoft
• Mark Renoden – Microsoft
• Serge Evseev – Microsoft
• Sean Ivey – Microsoft
• Vlad Tomsa – Microsoft
• Willem Kasdorp – Microsoft

There are a few others whom need to retake one written exam to successfully complete all required items.

This will bring the number of individuals in our Directory MCM community to over 100. Congrats to all!

Source: The Master Blog