Now that all dues are paid I finally became a candidate. A few days ago I received the welcome letter, with information on hotels, schedule, flights, parking, and a lot more in it.

The rotation will be from February, 3rd till February 19th. Being there 2 days earlier is not only recommended by the program manager but I think it also makes sense when flying 11 hours from Munich to Seattle, in winter, and having paid 18500 dollars for a training like that. Nobody would like being late…

The final lab exam will take place on Feb, 19th and will last about 8 hours. So my flight home will be one day later.

Now the most difficult decision… where to stay?

A hotel list is attached to the welcome mail. The closest one is the Homestead Village / Redmond – it is about 200m from Microsoft. Just across the street… but having a look at tripadvisor will definetly kick this hotel from my personal list! Staying 17 nights there will not be an option.

There are some other hotels near by (Google Maps) which are also on the list. Second closest is the Silver Cloud Inn Redmond – tripadvisor says #2 hotel in redmond, that sounds better than the first try. It offers free breakfast, free wifi, a pool and a 42″ plasma tv in every room. But in comparison to the first one: it looks clean.


Is there more to say? I don’t think so… booked!